Tuesday Tidbits – 139


1) I’ve been home with a sick baby these past 2 days. Fortunately, Ava’s pediatrician says she’s just battling a common cold, but because she’s had a couple fevers I’ve kept her home instead of sending her back to Ms. Wendy and Sully. I’m so thankful for all the help my mom has given me these couple days too!

2) Much cooler temps are back in DC. (This morning it was 32 degrees!) I hope this abnormal weather doesn’t kill all the flowers my mom and I bought for my garden, porch and house this past weekend…:-)

3) I’m really liking this key chain from Mark and Graham.

4) My mom and I are thinking about taking a quick mom/daughter trip to New York City next week. We think it would be fun to catch a Broadway show, eat some good food, shop, and walk around.

5) For the moms and daughters out there, what are you all thinking about doing for Mother’s Day this year? I’m thinking it would be fun to pack a picnic lunch and take it to a local Virginia winery. We could eat, indulge in good wine, hang out and layout under the sun. (Hoping that it’s beautiful weather that day!)

Have a great rest of the day!

What I wrote on this day in 2013.



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