Tuesday Tidbits – 141

Happy Tuesday afternoon!

1) As I mentioned yesterday, while Tommy was busy studying for a certification (which by the way – he passed on Monday!) mom, Ava and I kept ourselves busy. First we attended her music class and then we headed to the Cherry Blossom Japanese Street Festival at the Navy Yard or Sakura Matsuri. It was very cool, I was sorry Tommy had to miss it. In addition to food and drink (beer garden and sake tastings galore) there were shopping kiosks, cultural information booths, and great entertainment – both modern (bands and dancers) and traditional (Taiko drummers and calligraphy demonstrations).


We lucked out with beautiful spring weather!

2) Washington Capitals are 3-0 baby! Sorry Philadelphia Flyers (and their fans) I feel a SWEEP coming soon. 🙂

3) I’m in dire need of a new computer. I am (shockingly) considering buying a Mac. I never thought I’d become a Mac person.

4) On Sunday Tommy took another study break so our little family could attend our friends Liz and Ling’s 3-year old, Leah’s, Frozen-themed birthday party. We had a blast!


5) Ava’s sweet nanny-share buddy, Sully, turned 1 today! Can’t believe it. This means that Ava’s big birthday is around the corner. YIKES!

Have a good rest of the afternoon.

What I wrote on this day in 2013.


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