Marimekko Purchases

Remember how I was so excited about Marimekko and Target’s collaboration? Well, once the sale officially began last Sunday I was ready at my computer to buy. At first I was a little disappointed I couldn’t buy everything online (some things you had to buy at a store), but in the end it was probably a good thing.

Here is what I bought!

  1. Marimekko for Target Beach Towel - Kukkatori Print - Primary

    Beach Towel, Kukkatori Print – Primary

  2. Marimekko for Target Women's Terry Cloth Cover Up - Melooni Print - Warm S/M

    Terry Cloth Cover Up, Melooni Print – Warm


  3. Marimekko for Target Women's Tunic - Kukkatori Print - Primary S

    Women’s Tunic, Kukkatori Print


  4. Marimekko for Target Toddler Girls' Dress Set - Kukkatori Print - Blue 9M

    Toddler’s Dress and Bloomers, Kukkatori Print – Blue


The towel already came yesterday (I plan on giving it as a gift to one of my friends as part of a gift basket). Still eagerly waiting everything else!

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