Our little baby is ONE now. It’s still so surreal to type and say that now. I swear, the year truly flew by in the blink of an eye. A year ago today we were still in the hospital getting used to the idea of this parent thing and having a baby thing.


Left photo: 1.5 months. Right photo: Two weekends ago!

In recent days Tommy and I have seen just how far Ava has come from being the tiny baby she was to the tiny (she’s still a peanut!) little girl she is becoming.

  • She is crawling all over the place now, doing her “Ava Crawl”.
  • She knows to go to the big soft bin in the sun room/playroom, she can tip it over by herself and can grab her toys out of there all by herself.
  • With said toys she can spend countless time entertaining herself and playing independently (I remember in her earlier days YEARNING for this to happen so I could quickly have time to go to the bathroom and grab coffee without her crying because I put her in her play pen for 5 minutes!)
  • She loves her walking toys and can walk with these toys by herself (with supervision of course!)
  • She can say “daddy/dada”, “hi”, and “yeah”. (We’re still working on MOMMY).

The list goes on and on. Everyone keeps telling us that it gets even better as she gets older, and we believe it, but her growing up is definitely bitter-sweet.

Well, before I get completely sappy and teary how about a recap of the big weekend?!

On Saturday while I continued prepping for the party Grammy (Tommy’s mom) and Auntie Christy took Ava to her music class. Grammy sent the most adorable video of Ava and Christy dancing together – they had a blast!


Ava’s Monthly Photos! (Her actual birthday was on Sunday so I’ll add the last picture on the door later this week).

In keeping with our Mini Bee/Bumble Bee theme, there was a smattering of “bee” pops throughout our house.





Ava’s Throne.

There was a bee piñata.

And of course a bee-themed Smash Cake and desserts for everyone!



Ava loved her Smash Cake and the cupcakes were delicious!


People kept saying they were curious how Ava would react to everyone staring at her and singing “Happy Birthday” – she was great! She looked around the room and listened intently.

I was more curious how she’d react to her Smash Cake – would she be prim and proper or would she just go to town. It turned out to be a combo: at first she examined the cake before ever so daintily picking up a candied flower on the side of the cake and tasting it. Then with mommy’s help she smashed the cake with her fist, licked the frosting off her hand, and realized how delicious it was and then went at it. 🙂





Loving up on Grammy during the party (post birthday bee cake).

Thanks to everyone who came and all the generous birthday presents. We are still opening presents now!

More Party Info

  • Catering: Cava Mezze (such a hit and great food!)
  • Drinks: Iced Tea, Lemonade, Beer, and a DIY Mimosa Bar
  • Bee Smash Cake and Cupcakes: Our beautiful and talented friend Tammy Berg
  • Decorations (flowers and balloons): flowers – trusty Harris Teeter and balloons – Party City. All other supplies for DIY decorations – Michaels
  • Bee Piñata – Amazon Prime
  • Honey favors – Target
  • “1” Photo Collage above desserts – Shutterfly (a free gift, no less!)
  • Bee Birthday Banner – Etsy

On Sunday (Ava’s actual birthday) we had to say an early good-bye to Grammy and Auntie Christy, but not before we snapped a very important photo/photos.


The rest of the day was spent opening some presents, cleaning/organizing the house a little bit, I hit a yoga class, and then we went out for an early family dinner at Cheesecake Factory.

Have a great day!



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