In a Packing State of Mind


I wanted to pop by today to say “hi” and for a quick update. I am currently in a frenzied state of packing all of our stuff up (Ava.Has.So.Much.Stuff), getting our house organized and ready for our friend Christina who will be staying at our place to watch Ms. V while we’re away, and making sure all of our travel documents and arrangements are in order.

Tomorrow – bright and early – we are flying to San Francisco (where we’ll grab lunch and do a stop by the Golden Gate Bridge) before heading to Point Reyes for my best friend, Sarah’s wedding festivities. After the wedding festivities on Sunday, we’re headed to Sonoma and Napa for some wine country fun. 🙂

While, I will definitely be sharing recaps galore when I get back, I most likely will not be able to post regularly on my trip. However, I will be sharing some photo-worthy moments on Instagram. 🙂

While my past SF & wine country trips have been amazing girl trips, this is the first time I am going there with Tommy (and his first time EVER). I’m sure we’ll have a blast.

Here are some past SF & wine country recaps.

  1. A Little Delay Won’t Ruin My Vacay!
  2. Napa to Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon Recap
  3. Sunday in Wine Country
  4. Wine Country and San Fran Trip: Day 1
  5. Wine Country and San Fran Trip: Rest of Sunday – Day 3
  6. Wine Country and San Fran Trip: Day 5 

Have a good one!

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