Point Reyes and Wine Country Trip: Day 1

Annnd I’m back! (And seriously missing my vacation…le sigh).

I hope you enjoy the day recaps as much as I loved experiencing them. 🙂

Bright and early Thursday morning Tommy, Ava, and I were on a jet plane to San Francisco. I was a bit nervous to travel with Ava since she has become so MOBILE lately. She wants to crawl everywhere and walk everywhere (with support). The last time we took her on a plane was in December when she was 7 months old and that was still pretty easy. She was either asleep or if she was awake she was content to sit on Tommy or my laps. Not anymore.

I would give the plane ride a 6 or 7. She did cry/fuss for about 20 minutes or so as we were taking off. Our plane left when she was due to take her first nap (this was planned). And nap she did for about 1.5 hours, but she decided to “cry it out” beforehand. Once she was up, all she wanted to do was move!


While we didn’t splurge for her own seat (we have until she’s 2 years old!), I found that she loved sitting in my seat like a big girl. This probably kept her entertained for a good 20 minutes.

Once we landed at SFO, we met up with my mom (who took a different plane than we did because she had a slightly different itinerary then the three of us. She planned to stay out there longer) and my other college best friend, Katie, who was coming a day earlier than her husband to spend more time with us!

Once Tommy and I had gotten our rental car, picked mom, Ava and Katie up, and we had piled all of our baggage into the car we were off to eat lunch at this restaurant I had read about in Food & Wine Magazine, Little Gem. This place was adorable as it was delicious. I had looked up the menu ahead of time and knew that its lunch options that included salads, bowls, flat breads, and coffee would be perfect for us before we headed to Point Reyes. The fact that it was on the way to the Golden Gate Bridge (our next stop) and then ultimately Point Reyes was even more perfect.

For lunch I ordered a glass of white wine and the Bibimbap. I also got a latte to go. (I didn’t get a wink of sleep on the plane ride).

FullSizeRender (1)

Brown rice, winter vegetables, chili garlic sauce, fried egg.


Ava and her Nana.

Since Tommy had never been to northern Cali before I wanted him to see as much as he could, hence the Golden Gate stop. Even though we didn’t have time to get out and explore the Golden Gate area we did do a drive-by (and luckily Tommy, Ava, and I got more than enough time here on our last day of vacation. More on that later!)

An hour or so later we arrived in Point Reyes Station (Point Reyes is about 30 miles from SF). I had never even heard of Point Reyes until Sarah had told me she was getting married here, but we all could see why people immediately fell in love with the city. Point Reyes is a prominent cape on the Pacific Coast of northern California. To say that the city (town) is beautiful, elegant in its simplicity and quietness, and a hiker’s paradise is an understatement.

At Sarah’s suggestion I had booked a house, the Drake, on VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner). It.Was.Stunning. I really, really, wished I had taken more photos of the house on the inside, but it was spectacular – trust me. The listing description on VRBO’s site listed it as a luxury rental and it was. It was huge (so Tommy, Ava, my mom, Katie, her husband Jon, and I had tons of room), had an amazing open-floor plan on the main level with a spectacular view of the mountains and river bed from high up (there were tons of stairs one had to walk-up to reach the front door). The kitchen was huge (hello beautiful and spacious fridge, double ovens, a Viking stove, pots and pans, spices, knives, baby dishes and cups, you name it.) Everyone that came to the house was amazed at the property itself, the setting of the house, and how well-stocked it was.

Once we had checked the place out and picked out our bedrooms, we all crossed the street to stock up on must-have items at the Inverness Park Market (coffee, food and supplies for Ava, WINE). Then Katie and I offered to drive into town to pick up some food for everyone to enjoy back at the house. (Ava was already asleep since she was on East Coast time and we all were in a lounging mood). We got dinner at Station House Cafe (Sarah’s rec) and it didn’t disappoint at all. While Katie and I waited for them to prepare our order we sauntered down the main street of the small downtown. One word: charming. We couldn’t wait to further explore this area later.

The rest of the night was spent eating dinner, chatting, and then hitting the sack since neither of us were on the west coast’s time zone yet!

Day 2 recap coming next!


Have you been to/or heard of Point Reyes?




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