Point Reyes and Wine Country Trip: Day 3

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. It was (another) dreary weekend in D.C., unfortunately – which is making Tommy and me appreciate and desperately miss our sunny Cali vacation even more.

And speaking of – lets talk about the big day, WEDDING DAY!

Saturday started off similar to Friday, though Ava slept in for about 30 minutes, so Tommy, mom and I woke up at 4:30am instead of 4:00am. After following the same early morning ritual, Tommy, Ava and I headed into downtown to explore since Tommy hadn’t been there yet. We left mom at home because she was waiting for one of her old high school friends to come for a visit! Later on we’d meet them both, Katie & Jon, Elaine, and Ian for lunch at an oyster place.

When we got to downtown Point Reyes we actually ran into Katie and Jon who were doing their own exploring. We all decided to go to the local bakery, Bovine Bakery, since we had heard great things about it. Afterward, we did part ways – our little family decided to peruse around Toby’s Feed Barn, while Katie and Jon headed back to the house.


Naturally beautiful.


Ava strutting her Toby’s purchase and looking “Cali cool”.

Soon after, we hopped in our car and drove to Marshall (same area as Friday’s lunch) to grab a bite at Hog Island Oyster Co., a dining locale that came strongly recommended for the food and ambiance. Both delivered.


All restaurant dining was outdoors at picnic tables. People could either bring their own food and order oysters to shuck on their own or they could sit in the “full-service” area to be waited on. We decided on the latter.

The menu was pretty basic (as you can imagine oysters were the big draw), but there was a salad option and a non-seafood meat option.


Yours truly tried the Grilled BBQ Oysters for the first time. While I love oysters on the half shell, I never knew BBQ oysters were a thing. Hog Island’s version of this dish called for the oysters to be lightly grilled with BBQ sauce. I thought it was fantastic. In fact I ordered a second helping!

After lunch, we all parted our various ways to enjoy some downtime before the wedding festivities began!

The entire wedding – ceremony and reception – was lovely and picture perfect and so Sarah and Eric through and through.

The ceremony took place at 4:30pm on a trailhead, with mountains and a white barn in the background. It was perfectly overcast so it wasn’t too hot and so all the wedding pictures could come out really well. Score! While there was a little drizzle right before the ceremony began, it stopped as soon as it began. Wondrous.




The ceremony was short and sweet and pretty soon guests were being asked to follow a walking band to the reception site, to Toby’s Feed Barn (which was a couple of blocks away)! While we had explored the “store” part of Toby’s earlier that day, the reception was being held in the “working barn” part of the barn. Cocktail Hour began outside of the barn.


Baby Cocktail Hour!


College pals!


The bride and groom and Elaine!

Wedding guests enjoyed a southern meal that included fried chicken, collard greens, biscuits and jam, and mac and cheese. (Hey, the bride is from Lake Charles, Louisiana!)


The bride and groom making a speech before guests stuffed themselves with various kinds of wedding pies! How cute is that?!

And we all danced until the wee hours of the night and even made an “after-wedding” appearance at a local bar across the street before calling it a night. Special thanks for Tommy for taking Ava duty the next morning so I could dance all night long and to Jon for driving Katie and me home. 🙂

Sarah and Eric, it was truly everything to be a part of your special day and to witness your first steps into your next journey. The fact that I also got to share it with my mom, Tommy, Ava, and my best friends from college was even sweeter. Your day couldn’t have been any more beautiful, meaningful, and delightful.


What I wrote on this day in 2013 and 2014.



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2 responses to “Point Reyes and Wine Country Trip: Day 3

  1. Sarah

    Oh Maya! I heart you.
    Let’s all go back soon!!!

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