Tuesday Tidbits – 145 – Point Reyes and Wine Country Trip: Day 4

Happy Tuesday! I’m not sure I can believe my eyes – is that the sun outside?! Violet and I definitely enjoyed a nice walk in the sunshine a bit earlier today.

  1. Sunday mid-morning Tommy, mom, Ava and I made the hour-ish drive from Point Reyes to Sonoma to start the second leg of our trip. Before we left though we popped into Gather right across the street from our house for a send-off brunch thrown by Sarah and Eric that served the most amazing breakfast tacos ever. It was the best way to end their wedding weekend.
  2. Our drive to Sonoma was pretty uneventful. Katie and Jon had also planned on spending a couple days in wine country so we knew we’d be meeting up with them shortly. And we did, at a winery, of course, the minute we got into wine country!         When I was drafting a loose itinerary for our trip when we got to wine country I              wanted to show Tommy (and mom) a sample of the different kinds of wineries the      area had to offer (big, small, family-owned, not family-owned, picturesque, cave          dwellings, etc). The winery we ended up meeting Katie and Jon at was Domaine Carneros, which is known for it’s yummy sparkling wine and amazing views. The         whole property is definitely extravagant.

You may remember I am no stranger to this winery or this sparkling wine tasting (here) but when in Napa right?! Tommy decided to try the Red Wine tasting.


3. What did I tell you about the view(s)? This is just one of many.


4.      After we were done at the winery we parted ways with Katie and Jon who were going               to eat a late- lunch at Fremont Diner (dying to go there), while our little group went               to check  into our rental house, which my mom and I had also found on VRBO. Our                 house, the Lazy Oak Cottage, was adorable. I had suggested we find a place to stay in             Sonoma since it was less commercialized (read: charming) than Napa. While it wasn’t           as big or expansive as the Drake in Point Reyes it was a lovely place to stay and very              convenient. The outdoor space was incredible. I only wish we were able to enjoy it                  more. A bit later mom’s good friends, Mary Ann and Ely, joined us. Not only were they          going to explore wine country with us, they were staying in a smaller guest house on               the same property!

While we were staying in the 2 bedroom, 1 bath cottage, there was also a 1-bedroom, 1           bath guest house also available to rent should you want to.

5. Our original plan of driving back to the Napa area to eat dinner at Ad Hoc was quickly           changed once Tommy and I realized it was best to keep Ava in for the night so she                   could get acclimated to this new rental house and because we had been on-the-go all           day. So while I stayed in with Ava and did bedtime, Tommy ran to Whole Foods for                 some more groceries and supplies, while mom, Mary Ann and Ely grabbed a quick bite          at B&V Whiskey Bar & Grille. They brought me back a delicious tortellini dish as I was            craving pasta!

What I wrote on this day in 2013.



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