Summertime Frugal Fun in D.C.

Hello friends!

Ah summertime…who can believe that it is already June?! Crazy – pretty soon we’ll be busting out our Christmas trees and holiday decorations… but lets not get ahead of ourselves!

Today I thought I would share some ideas on how to still have an amazing summer in D.C. without going broke since summertime is such a busy time for everyone – parties and BBQs to go to, trips to take, countless fashion trends to buy, baseball games to go to, concerts, dinners, weddings, the list goes on and on. There are a lot of great places to see without spending a ton of money! And if you’re curious, check out Personal Capital’s wealth management tools to learn a little more about how to be frugal and save more!

Happy Hours

Instead of spending all your money on full-fledged traditional meals, treat yourself to a fun happy hour where the drinks and food are just as good, but at a cheaper price!

Teddy and the Bully

Outdoor patio at Teddy and the Bully. Photo credit: Google

Here are some of my favorite happy hours in the city:


In my opinion, one of the best things about our city is all the culture (and most of it is free!) that is readily available at our fingertips.

photo 1 (3)

Courtyard at the National Gallery of Art.

These are all FREE by the way!

Other museums that charge admission tend to offer summer discounts to people such as the Phillips Museum’s Phillips After 5,  a lively mix of art and entertainment (live music, food, and drinks) on the first Thursday of the month. However book your tickets early as this is an extremely popular event!


Free Outdoor Concerts

Who doesn’t love music, especially if it’s free?

Sculpture Garden

Jazz in the Sculpture Garden.

Free Outdoor Movies

Grab a blanket, some snacks, and maybe some bug spray and enjoy a movie under the stars in countless locations. Most movie screenings begin at sunset and some locations have specific movie themes.

  • Adams Morgan – select Tuesdays in May and June
  • Capitol Riverfront (my old neighborhood!) – Thursdays beginning June 2
  • Georgetown – Tuesdays beginning July 5
  • Golden Cinema – Fridays through July (Hail to the Chief theme in honor of the presidential election this year)
  • NOMA – Wednesdays beginning June 1

Outdoor Markets

Fun, “window shopping” outdoor markets are all around D.C.


Parks, Picnics, Hikes and Runs

Get back into nature, and the best part is you don’t have to go too far!

  • Theodore Roosevelt Island – perfect for running, walking, hiking with just yourself, friends, kids, dogs, you name it! (As you know, we love it here).
  • Take a run or walk around the Tidal Basin, and if you have a lot of time be a “tourist” and stop by the sites sprinkled in that area – Washington Monument, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, MLK Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial, the list goes on and on!
  • Lincoln Park on Capitol Hill
  • Yards Park by the Nationals Baseball Stadium

Hopefully after reading this post you will have gotten a new idea or two on how to have a fun and frugal summer in our great nation’s capital.Let me know what you do!

Have a great day.



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