Mama-To-Bee Care Package

Morning! Hope your Thursday is off to a wonderful start. 🙂

In keeping with my co-hosting Tiffany’s baby shower in Connecticut this past weekend, I wanted to share a small personal gift I put together for her.

She is planning on breastfeeding her little one so I immediately got to thinking of some breastfeeding “must-haves” I quickly learned I needed or things I would have liked to have had or known in hindsight.

If you remember my “Things I Have Learned About Motherhood So Far” post last August you’ll see some repeats here!


  1. Nursing pads – oh, so helpful to control leaks and provide COMFORT for very sore nipples. I went through so many of these a day.
  2. Coconut Oil – among the many benefits coconut oil provides, a remedy for sore nipples is at the very top of my list. Seriously…a lactation consultant told me this about 3 months into my breastfeeding adventure and I really, really, really wished I had known this at the start. As soon as I applied some of this to my nipples the difference was night and day in terms of alleviating discomfort and pain – and ultimately changed my outlook on the overall breastfeeding process. Nothing else worked better for me.
  3. Belly balm or lotion – stretch marks can be and are a thing. Not only will rubbing something cool and smooth on your skin make you feel a tad better (and cleaner – almost like a shower!) it will help reduce stretch marks.
  4. Organic tea – while the above tea doesn’t taste the greatest, I did drink some during my breastfeeding days which (I assume) helped with my healthy flow of milk and helped provide some soothing seconds to enjoy between the never-ending feedings. 😉
  5. Nursing tank – these become your 24-hour uniform. They are comfortable and provide easy access for feedings. The end.



Mamas – any other “must-have” breastfeeding suggestions?

What I wrote on this day in 2014.


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