Hello and happy Monday evening!

I hope all the dads out there had a good Father’s Day weekend. My little family and I spent some much needed family time together on Sunday and then Ava and I treated Tommy to dinner at his favorite restaurant, Buffalo Wild Wings. (He’s hard to please. ;-))


Someone was on her very best behavior for daddy at dinner and throughout the weekend!

A couple of weekends ago I rang in another birthday, 33. It was a fun-packed day!

To start Tommy, mom, Ava, our friends Allison & George, and their kids, Lyric and Bryce, joined me for brunch at the Garrison on Barracks Row on Capitol Hill. I had heard great things about this new-ish restaurant and was eager to try it. It was good, but not outstanding. While I think everyone was satisfied with their brunch choices, the one detail that stuck with everyone was that Eggs Over Easy seemed to be the chefs egg of choice, which was fine – just different. Omelettes weren’t on the menu, but if you made a special request the chef would whip one up – which he did for a couple of folks in our party.

FullSizeRender (10)

The ONE picture I was able to snap at brunch, Danish Donuts with seasonal jam.

Because it was my birthday I ordered a dessert, a mousse, and our waiter brought out a sparkler and a candle on my mousse which was a nice touch!

After brunch we all parted ways – Ava and I were heading home to see if Ava would go down for a much-needed nap, Tommy was heading to our condo on Capitol Hill to show it to a prospective renter, mom was heading back home for a couple of hours, and Allison, George and the kids had a busy afternoon ahead of them as well.

A couple hours later Tommy, Ava and I were at a good-bye pool party for some friends of ours who are moving to Denver. The pool party was to be followed by a BBQ, but unfortunately the three of us couldn’t stay because we had other plans. However, Ava got in some (half) pool time. 🙂



I felt so bad, Ava really wanted to get in the pool completely.


Ah, young love. We’ll miss you Zach, Miki, and Chris!

Because my friends are just the greatest, a couple of them at the pool party, Christina and Miki, made sure to send me off with some birthday treats – Garretts popcorn and Blondie brownies with sprinkles. YUM!

Soon our party of three was on the move again – we had a Nationals baseball game to get to! We were meeting my mom and several of Tommy’s good friends at Navy Yard to enjoy an afternoon baseball game. The weather and Ava couldn’t have been more perfect for the game. I was a little worried how Ava would handle sitting through the game. We came around the third inning and left during the 8th inning to avoid traffic. During this time, Ava had a blast. She was so entertained with all the sights (people, birds, flags, the game, food, and her water cup) and every time a song came on over the loudspeaker, she’d start dancing. She had a ball!

FullSizeRender (11)

Since we were unsure just how much of the game we’d actually get to stay for we decided to buy cheap seats, which ended up working perfectly. We had a good view and were able to sit in some shade. SCORE! I see many more baseball games in our future with Little Miss.

After the game we headed home for some leftovers for dinner, but I had one more birthday surprise – Tommy made me a super simple, but delicious cake that has been a family tradition on my dad’s side of the family for years – an Icebox Cake (all you need is whipping cream and chocolate wafer cookies, seriously).

FullSizeRender (9)

The cake was so freaking good!

Not a bad way to ring in 33!

Have a great night.

What I wrote on this day in 2013.


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