Currently #6

Happy Friday! Since it has been well over a YEAR since I’ve done a “Currently” post, I decided what the heck.

To see past “Currentlys” go here, here, here, here, and here.

Blessing: For how fortunate my little family and I are. We have each other and a very stable life.

Outfit: Running shorts and a long-sleeved SMU (Southern Methodist University) shirt.

Guilty pleasure: The TV show Private Practice. Thank you Netflix!

Excitement: Upcoming trips to Maine and the Dominican Republic!

Favorite show: Right now read abovementioned “Guilty Pleasure”. I’m also watching Mistresses again since it’s the summer, though I have to say this season seems to be lacking..something.

Indulgence: Trying to be good and more frugal right now…

Needs: A full-body massage.

Wish list: A new job (currently doing the job search thang!) And some cute workout clothes, lol.

Food: Just finished eating breakfast, egg over rice.

Drink: Coffee and water.

Nail color: Fingernails – nothing, toenails – a pink, fuchsia color painted on by yours truly.

Music: Ava’s kiddie music.


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