Happy Monday!

Hope your weekend was lovely. Ours was a busy weekend that included an Ava and Mommy run Saturday morning, a family picnic hosted by Tommy’s company for all of their employees and families, and lots of water fun for Ava on Sunday with two of her friends.

Have you ever heard of thredUP? It describes itself as the largest online and consignment thrift store for women and children. While I have sent in gently used clothes of mine to sell to thredUP a couple of times, I hadn’t purchased anything from thredUP until recently when I realized Ava was in need of some cute summer clothes!

You may remember I had also sold some previously owned articles of clothing to Twice, another online company very similar to thredUP that has unfortunately gone out of business. Thus, thredUP has been my go-to when I’ve needed to clean out my closet and earn a little cash at the same time!

But now, I must say I will most likely be purchasing clothes from their website again – definitely for Ava and even for me at some point.

Here are my Ava finds that have gone above and beyond in  terms of my expectations regarding overall quality, fit, sizing, and cuteness!


Summer skirt.


Cute little skort.


Some much needed shorts.


And another skirt for whenever Ava wants to feel fancy!

Officially summer has just begun, but Ava has already worn each of these pieces of clothing a number of times. These four items cost me $20! Score!

I would definitely suggest using thredUP to either sell clothes, buy clothes, or do both.

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