Tuesday Tidbits – 151

Good muggy, humid Tuesday morning from the DMV area! Despite the weather I am pleased to report that I banged out a 4-mile run a few minutes ago. Not going to lie, I was thisclose to pushing it off until this evening – and then probably pushing it to tomorrow. So glad I didn’t.

Let’s get to your weekly Tuesday Tidbits!

  1. You may have noticed that I didn’t post a Yoga Fundamentals reflection last week. That is because yours truly had to skip the class so I could babysit Ava while Tommy went to class. Mom is away in Atlanta for a couple of weeks so our childcare arrangement had to be rearranged. Since Tommy went to class last week, I went this week. It felt great to be back. We practiced “box-breathing” which is a fairly simple concentration exercise that retrains your nervous system to breath properly. We also broke down several balance poses – Tree, Eagle, and Warrior 3.
  2. IMG_3251

    On Sunday we treated Ava’s bestie, Sully, and her family to brunch at Due South at Yards Park in DC. We, of course, had to see if the girls were interested in playing together in the water fountain and wading pool nearby. As you can see, they were!

  3. The Ultimate Wedding Playlist
  4. I loved this: 7 Things to Talk to Little Girls About Other Than Them Being Cute
  5. What are your plans for July 4th? Ava and I are heading to Atlanta to meet up with my mom, my brother and his family. (Tommy is hanging back!) We’ll arrive back in DC in the early-afternoon on the 4th and are planning on making it to a friend’s 4th celebration depending on Little Misses mood…:-)

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