Tuesday Tidbits – 34

1) The celebration continues! Several super awesome friends of mine who weren’t able to make Saturday night’s festivities (blog post on that tomorrow) treated me out to a belated birthday dinner at Graffiato last night. It was when I was coming up the escalator from the metro home that I realized I hadn’t taken any pictures. Super fail. The meal highlights were definitely the White House pizza and the Amish Chicken Thighs.

2) I enjoyed this bad boy for dinner on Sunday night with my mom, courtesy of my in-laws who sent me two of these, freshly packed over ice for my birthday. They know me too well! I still have the other one in the freezer – I am seeing lobster salad and lobster pasta in my very near future. 🙂

photo (1)

Maine lobster!


She tasted so delicious! (It turned out to be a mama lobster).

3) I have officially signed up for this race in September!

4) I wasthisclose to adopting this adorable pittie pup named Penelope on Saturday. She was sooo sweet and docile and just looked at you with “please take me home eyes”. Violet could use a sibling…

photo (2)

5) I have recently (as of this weekend) become a huge fan of these. Some friends told me about them in Dallas several months ago, and while I was intrigued, I wasn’t intrigued to purchase one. I noticed Katie wearing one around her wrist this weekend and asked what she thought and she gave it good reviews. It must have been a sign because the place where we got pedicures (where I am a regular) were selling them, but I was informed I could take one for free. 🙂 So far I am loving my hair tie.

Happy Tuesday!


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